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Your Wedding Day is only one day in your life. Your Marriage is for a lifetime! 

Start your marriage off on the most solid foundation possible. Kayelily's "Marriage 101" course begins with an assessment of your relationship--your strengths and areas that may need strengthening in order to have a satisfying and enduring marriage. Pre-marital counseling is not a requirement for Kayelily to officiate your wedding however it is a wise investment in your future. Happy marriages don't just happen, they must be created by couples whose values and personalities are compatible and who know how to communicate and resolve conflict as well as other relationship skills. Kayelily has been working with couples to improve their relationship skills for more years than she has been officiating weddings. She specializes in making marriage work. 

Kayelily's credentials are recognized nationally and she works with pre-marital couples, already married couples, and couples who are considering marriage or just want to find out if they are compatible. Go here for more information.   To get started, email Kayelily.

The bride pictured above with her hubby on their honeymoon wrote: “I would also recommend Kayelily's pre-marital counseling. The counseling helped us identify our strengths and weaknesses as a couple, prepare us for things we hadn't thought about, and gave us tools for strengthening our relationship."