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Lilia and Brian were married at the lovely Melrose Knitting Mill on April 8, 2017.  Their videographer was Cinema Film. After their wedding day they left this wonderful 5 Star review of my services and I thank them so much: 

We couldn't be happier with our experience working with Kayelily! She was always so quick to respond to emails/phone calls from the very beginning and is extremely professional. Our ceremony made our guests laugh and cry in all the best ways. Everyone kept coming up to us after the ceremony saying how interesting and unique it was! She is an amazing story-teller and it is apparent that she is passionate about what she does. Thanks, Kayelily!


Julie and David got married at Melrose Knitting Mill in Raleigh. Oak City Films made this fabulous video for them. Here is a link to their wedding on Kayelily's blog. 

David and Julie wrote on Weddingwire: "We selected Kayelily to be our officiant after a lot of consideration. We wanted to pick someone who could help us tailor the ceremony into our ceremony and not just a copy and paste item. The ceremony is one of the key parts of the wedding that can make or break a wedding. Luckily for my wife and I, Kayelily was everything we needed and more. She guided us through the entire ceremony process (we had absolutely no idea how things were supposed to run) and gave us lots of help/examples to put together our very own ceremony. She gave us a memorable and personable (like we had known each other for years) ceremony. Would absolutely recommend to others."

This is a 50-minute incompletely edited video of the wedding of Jessica and Neil at Duke Gardens Angle Amphitheater in the fall of 2015. (If you let the video load then go to 8:00 minutes the ceremony starts there and ends at 24:00 minutes.) Video by AKFocus Cinematography

Here is what Jessica and Neil had to say about Kayelily: 

"Kayelily officiated our wedding and was an AMAZING resource when it came to planning our ceremony! We were looking to customize our wedding and really tailor it to us as a couple, and Kayelily provided us an amazing amount of references, insights, and support to help us put together an absolutely beautiful ceremony. She was a great help at the wedding rehearsal, and kept our wedding party on-task and focused so that the big day went smoothly and effortlessly. She also provided several very helpful references on obtaining a marriage license and changing my name after I was married. I cannot commend Kayelily enough for her professionalism, responsiveness, and support in helping to create a beautiful ceremony for us that we will never forget!"

Here is their wedding on Kayelily's wedding blog! 


Lauren and Rocky were married in 2015 at Caffe Luna. This is what Lauren had to say about Kayelily in a Weddingwire review: 

"Kayelily is an amazing officiant. She gave us tons of ceremonies to choose from, included personal stories and messages that we chose, did a wine and chocolate ceremony and had an extensive knowledge of our venue (Caffe Luna). She has a very soothing voice and was super easy to work with. Almost all of our guests came up to us and told us what a great job she did and what a beautiful ceremony it was. She also had great information on the legal documents we needed and how to change my name afterward. My husband and I are not religious, so we weren't sure exactly how the ceremony would be, but Kayelily made it absolutely perfect and made it about our story and our love for each other. One of my bridesmaids could not stop sobbing and later told me it was the best wedding she'd ever been in/to! Kayelily is awesome and knows how to make a wedding unique and really meaningful. I highly recommend her!"

Here is a link to their wedding on Kayelily's wedding blog. 

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